About Us


Dave Myers – President/CEO

My name is Dave Myers and I am the founder of Lumpy Games.

I have shipped several indie games while wearing a variety of hats – producer, programmer, artist, marketer (musketeer?), and occasionally acting as the pulling-rabbit-out-of-hat-guy.

Joining me in this endeavor is my wife, and co-owner Marlo Myers.

We love games of all kinds – board games, video games, dice and card games – you name it, we’ll play it.

We know you will enjoy playing our games, because we love making them!



Marlo Myers – VP/Creative Director

Hi there!  My name is Marlo Myers and I am the VP/Creative Director and co-owner of Lumpy Games.

To put it simply – “I Love Games!”  Games of all kinds.

Board games have a special place in my heart.  Growing up, my sister and our friends played board games for hours.  Looking back now, I was a game designer even then.  I was the one that came up with different variants on traditional games – creating entirely new games to satisfy our need for new adventures.

I have a background in business, marketing, web development and design, photography and art.

I’m so excited to be doing what I love and I know it shows through in our games.  Enjoy!