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New Game Announcement: Papyrus Battles!

Papyrus Battles will be available for the iPad on launch day!


Papyrus Battles is a two-player hot-seat multiplayer game inspired by the pen and paper battles we played as kids. Simple, yet fun tactical gaming!

Press and hold to set the distance you want your army or tank to shoot. Green for a short shot, yellow for a longer shot, and red for the longest shot. But watch out – the longer the shot you choose, the less accurate it might be!


Flick to aim your shot at your enemy’s forces. Tanks take two hits and armies only take one hit to remove them from play.

We have a lot more planned for Papyrus Battles, including more pieces, resources to fight over, campaign options, save game ability, and much much more. Stay tuned!

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In The Beginning, or alternatively, iPhone Developer #97,562

lumpyinvert50x50Late in 2008 I sat down with my wife and discussed creating games for the iPhone. We both agreed that due to the fact I was only available part-time to work on game development it made a lot of sense to focus Lumpy on smaller games that would fit on the iPhone. Marlo would help out as an artist and marketing specialist, and if needed we would pull in help from my game dev community contacts.

Two of those contacts worked at Garage Games, whose technology I have intimate knowledge of from past adventures in game development. I first shot a friend of mine at GG, Joe Maruschak, a quick e-mail on the possibility of porting a title I had spent considerable time on a few years ago, but never shipped, to the iPhone using GG’s iTGB. Joe agreed that the port made sense, so I contacted Brett Seyler and quickly had myself a shiny license to iTGB.

While I had considerable Torque-based experience, I had practically no experience with Mac development, much less iPhone development at this point. I decided to purchase a Mac Pro to use not only as my iPhone development machine, but also as a desktop replacement. I was switching to OS X from Windows, and while I still spend considerable time on Windows, I am definitely happy I switched. We purchased a pair of iPhones, and I dug into the process of putting a simple game on the device.

Completing the first iPhone title took a bit of effort. Part-time game development is always a challenge, but it was definitely fun to put the game together. Our game engine of choice iTGB is still a little rough in spots, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it. We learned a lot during the process of finishing the game which will definitely help us to put together the next title more rapidly.

Our first game has been submitted to the App Store and is in review currently. More to come…

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